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Trisha's Designer Paws

Yorkie Breeder and Pet Shop in Theodore, Alabama

Trisha’s Designer Paws is a specialized teacup puppy breeder in Theodore, Alabama. Our breeders are dedicated Yorkie breeders, Poodle breeders, Morkie-Poo breeder, Yorkie-Poo breeder and Maltese puppies breeder. Our facility is very home-like instilling proper manners and home behavior.

We are frequently adding to our inventory keeping our selection consistent and affordable.

Our availability of puppies is very well kept and extremely specialized. We ONLY breed and sell Yorkies, Yorkie-Poos, Malt-Poos, Morkies, Shih-Poos, Poodles, Shorkie, Maltese and Shihtuz’.

Trisha’s Designer Paws has been breeding dogs for over 30 years!

Poodles are some of the smartest breeds of dogs in the world. They are also very friendly and elegant as are the rest of our puppies. If you have been reading up on dog breeds and are considering a Yorkie, Poodle or Yorkie-Poo our breeding experts will answer any questions you may have and help you find the puppy that is right for you.

Not only do we breed these wonderful pups; we also take remarkable care of them. Taking them to the vet for all of the necessary or recommended vaccines and check-ups helps us ensure your puppy is healthy and happy. Beyond superior puppy care we also provide on-going protection against liver shunt or heart disease with a warranty.

While you are on our site we encourage you to browse our gallery to see some of our puppies for sale. If you would like more information on our current puppies please call us today at - (251) 219-0779.

At Trisha's Designer Paws our puppies are healthy, loved and lovable!

You can also rely on us for continual dog grooming. No other groomer in the area is specialized to groom Yorkies, Poodles or our other dog breeds. Our grooming is impeccable and our rates are reasonable. We also carry in house a wide range of pet supplies. Our merchandise is contemporary and high-quality. Our staff is friendly and eager to answer your questions.

Warranty on the Dogs
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Trisha's Designer Paws is a certified dog breeder in Theodore, Alabama that specializes in Yorkies and Poodles. We are also a full service groomer and dog-sitting service. We only cater to teacup puppies and small dogs similar to those that we breed. You pet will have fun with a large play area and will stay safe through diligent care. Call - (251) 219-0779

For more information about our services, please call us at (251) 219-0779 or visit our Services Page
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annie belle davis 4 mo. old [she is the BEST min. yorki ]
John C. & Karen B D. in Gautier 2 years and 9 months ago

(5 out of 5.0) Kay and i picked annie day's after she came into this world,she has been with us now about 3.2 mo. ,she loves children,meets no stranger, was a hit in the french quarter of new orleans, meet annie belle davis is to find love in this little 2.6 lb. min. yorkie.can see vidio on john c. davis face book.
Honesty & Beautiful Puppies
Teresa S. in Talladega 3 years and 11 months ago

(5 out of 5.0) I have purchased several yorkies from Trisha. Every time I take to the vet the comment on the great job she does with her care and records for her puppies. I have met her halfway from Mobile to Talladega to get a puppy for a friend or a relative. I have sent several of my friends. My aunt has one of her amazing yorkies and is very happy with her... You can not go wrong if you contact Trisha for a new member of your family.. Her babies are well cared for and she loves to see new photos of the babies that have found amazing homes...
Awesome puppies
Kuddles-N-Kisses . in Irvington 3 years and 11 months ago

(5 out of 5.0) I have purchased several puppies over the years from this puppy palace. As a groomer most were for clients of mine. We have found the pups to be in great condition when received and they live a long life because they are bred for quality. I highly reccomend anyone in serch of a small breed pup to contact her becore looking elsewhere..
An owner that stands behind her business.
Karen B. in Mobile 3 years and 11 months ago

(5 out of 5.0) Once you check around and compare pets, price, quality , and health. You will know that your have come to the right place when you come to Trisha's. You are not left to question or wonder about your new pet. Just a call and all questions are answered and you know she will be there when you need her. Trisha is very cautious about the health and well being of her babies and will happily help or take a look to see if all is as it should be. If you have any doubts,she dont mind if you ask about her vet because she takes her pups to the vet and they know her and her quality healthy puppies. If you buy a puppy from her it has been vet checked. Life may not always be perfect, but this business owner still stands behind her puppies. If she cant sell quality then she just wont sell!
Trisha's Designer Paws Review